Maryna Lavrenyuk is a visual artist based in Berlin






Drawing and painting since beeing a little girl, during the studies and later working as freelance artist, Maryna experimented different techniques, materials and still in her art always the note of (re)searching is present.

The process of painting has at least the same importance as the final result.


  • 2015 – fellowship of the Dorothea Konwiarz Foundation for female paintors
  • is mother of 2 wonderful kids
  • 2010 – graduated from the University of the Arts of Berlin with the degree of Meisterschüler
  • 2008 – ERASMUS scholarship for studying in Greece, at the Athens School of Fine Arts, where they teach such ancient tecnics as Byzantinic Icon Painting, Mosaic and Fresco
  • 2003 – started to study a carrer of Umweltschutztechnische Assistentin in Düsseldorf / Environmental Protection Assistant / (one year later went to Berlin to study art)
  • when she was a teenager, her family moved to Germany
  • Maryna was born 1985 in Ukraine